3 Services for Checking Website Traffic

A competitor study may assist virtually every firm in any industry, especially those in the ecommerce market. With a website traffic analysis, you may learn a lot about your competition and perhaps better your own marketing efforts.

What is the definition of a competitor analysis?

Google Analytics can tell you a lot about your own website and can help you improve your SEO tactics, increase website traffic, and boost lead outreach. However, if you want to gain insights from a competitor's website, Google Analytics isn't going to cut it. You'll need to employ tools that provide information on your competitor's website.

A competitor study entails locating your most significant online competitors and investigating a range of aspects of their websites, including competition sales, visible techniques, items, website appearance, website functionality, and more.

When you look at the traffic on a competitor's website, you can learn a lot. You can figure out how many visits they get on a regular basis and how their traffic fluctuates throughout the year. It's also feasible to figure out the keywords they're utilizing to get a lot of traffic and which landing pages they're employing. You can even learn about the origins of their guests.

A competition analysis can help you learn more about how your competitors operate their firms and identify new ways to outperform them. A competition study can also help you uncover key trends in your market.

Performing a competitive analysis

An outside audit is a wonderful technique to do a competitive analysis for websites. You can simply examine the website traffic of practically any website using a range of various tools and websites. This can give you a lot of information on how well your competitors are doing, how many visits they get, and so on.

Fortunately, almost anyone with no technical knowledge may use a website traffic analyzer to assess the websites of competitors with simplicity. We've compiled a list of the finest website checks on the market, including Chrome extensions, web crawlers, scrapers, ISPs, and more.

These tools may examine important information including unique visitors, overall views, organic traffic volume, page view time, bounce rates, traffic sources, and more. You might be surprised at how much information you can learn about your competition by simply looking at their website!

Let's dive into our eight top selections for services that will check competitor website traffic for you now that you know what a competitor analysis is and how to do one.

1. Semrush

With one of the most popular website checkers accessible today, you can't go wrong. Semrush is a web traffic research platform that can track practically any public website's traffic. This program can be used for a variety of tasks, including keyword tracking, research, and analytics.

Simply enter one of your competitors' URLs into this tool. You'll get a descriptive study of the website's traffic in seconds. Semrush makes it simple to find important website information like monthly visitor volume, how it fluctuates over the year, and traffic distribution by geographic area. You may also get a good idea of the keywords that are bringing traffic to the page.

The traffic statistics feature on Semrush's website analysis tool has to be one of the most useful. This area shows the total number of unique visitors, how frequently they visit, how much time they spend on specific pages, the total number of page views, and even the bounce rate.

All of this data may be used to easily improve your own website. Finding this kind of information about competitors' websites used to be tough, but Semrush now makes it possible to acquire these critical insights with only a few clicks.

Do you require detailed reports? Semrush can turn all of the data on a search page into visually appealing, easy-to-understand reports that resemble infographics.

2. SimilarWeb

A prominent website traffic analyzer is Similarweb. The tool may provide you with a detailed analysis of your competitor's website traffic as well as the precise locations from which visitors are coming. This one-of-a-kind tool provides insight into the types of channels your company should consider when it comes to content marketing and lead generation.

Similarweb generates extremely extensive and informative reports on a website's content marketing and traffic strategy, providing a complete description of the website's traffic and visitor geographic areas. With a website checker tool, you obtain all of the standard metrics, such as page views, visit duration, traffic sources, bounce rate, and so on.

You may also find out which keywords your competition is targeting, as well as the social media outlets they are using to drive traffic.

Similarweb's best feature is its social networking aspect. You'll get a percentage down to the hundredth of where visitors come from on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.

Knowing which social network a population belongs to might tell you a lot about them. If your business strategy includes a lot of social media but isn't quite up to speed with your competition, this type of in-depth analysis is essential.

3. Ahrefs

One of the more well-known platforms on this list, Ahrefs is a beloved SEO tool. In fact, major brands like Facebook use their platform because it is so lucrative. Ahrefs’ website checker is just one of this software’s many helpful features, and it allows you to see exactly why your competitors are ranking the way they are.

Ahrefs is essentially a powerful web crawler. It crawls billions of web pages each and every day and has hundreds of millions of websites already indexed. That’s a lot of traffic data — and it can really give you the kind of insights you need to drive traffic and tackle your competition.

Ahrefs is unique in that it pulls much more information than your average website checker. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed if you’re not an SEO expert, though. The platform makes it incredibly easy to filter and organize data to find the exact metrics in the exact time frame you are looking for.

Ahrefs is on the pricier side, but they do offer an affordable trial period.

Author: Jared Flenter, Writer

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